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How to Play and Win Algerian Patience Solitaire

Algerian Patience is not a typical solitaire game. First off you begin by playing with only two decks of playing cards. And the goal is to build up piles of cards by suit from ace to king and king to ace and so forth. This is meant to continue on until the player has completely gone through both decks of playing cards. Once this is accomplished the player has won and game is now over.

Once you begin you have a total of eight playing spaces to build your card piles. These are generally located at the top of the screen. This can change depending on the actual maker of the Algerian Patience game you are playing. The space below the slots is called the playing field. This is the place where you can move your playing cards around and create long strings of cards by suit, up or down. The remaining empty spots in the playing area can be filled by any card that you have remaining.

At the bottom of the screen there is a row for reserve stacks. When you click on the deal button you will add more playing cards to these piles. You can continue to click the deal button until you have run out of playing cards. Once you have no remaining playing cards left to be dealt then the last final deal will be dealt to the playing field and not to the reserve stacks. You can then move your playing cards to the eight spaces above from either the reserve area or the playing area. You can also move your playing cards down from these slots as well to be able to adjust your strategy as you see fit.

This is where creating an ideal strategy before the game begins will lead to a better chance of success as you can only move one card at a time. By double clicking cards you will make them move up to their appropriate slot, you can then arrange the other cards by dragging them to where you want them.

Algerian Patience can be very enjoyable and addicting. Once you get used to it you will want to play until your finally able to win and come out on top. It can be very challenging at first but once you understand the game and the strategy involved you will start to get better skilled at playing. Solitaire games are usually very fun and this one is no different. Start playing Algerian Patience and get ready for a challenge.

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