Conversation Chemistry: If Only, I Learned From This Dating Advice Book On Communication With Women


Did you know, one of the key skills that any good dating advice books will show you is communication.

Here’s a fact to consider: Over 60 percent of marriages in our society ends in divorce. OVER HALF of all new marriages will fail. This is very heartbreaking for individuals, and for families. Do you know one of the most common reasons that these relationships fail? It’s because of the lack of communication, or because of toxic communication.

The lack of communication goes deeper than just not saying “How was your day” when the couple comes home, although pleasantries would certainly be endearing and polite.

The lack of communication means that both people either aren’t being real with what’s on their minds and their hearts. Or, they have simply stopped speaking with each other. Actually, the first leads to the second condition. For example, men tend to hold their thoughts close to the vest, as the saying goes. It’s just in a man’s nature to not be expressive. Men are conditioned in this way, because they are taught that anything less is being a “punk”, “chump”, or any different behavior means that he just isn’t being a man on some level.

On the other hand, women don’t communicate because they have been taught to play toxic games with the opposite sex. They are taught the game of “If he loves me then…”. Part of how this game works, is that the man is supposed to guess at what the woman is thinking and feeling. If he loves her, then he will always have his radar up at all times of the day, 24/7, always knowing exactly what is on her mind and her heart. She will never have to tell him anything. This absolves her of the responsibility of being a healthy communicating adult, and it “shows” her how much he loves her. Of course, because men don’t in fact have mind reading radars or capabilities, then the woman’s needs aren’t met. She will respond to this with resentment, pouting, and bitterness.

This will result in a host of behaviors that are toxic, and downright abusive. These behaviors can include the “blame game”, biting remarks, sarcasm, lashing out, screaming, name calling, or fits of rage that include violence or tantrums. Or, things can go ice cold. There will be stonewalling, ignoring, avoidance, neglecting each others’ physical needs, and drifting apart until someone is not only unfaithful, but they feel justified in their indiscretions.

A dating advice book that teaches couples how to communicate would help to solve these problems. “A dating advice book?” someone might holler out. Yes, the book is targeted for men who want to succeed in dating women and improve their relationships with women.

It goes without saying that couples at any stage of their relationship would need to know how to communicate with each other. Without healthy communication, and a healthy understanding of who each person is to each other, the relationship is doomed!

“Conversation Chemistry” is a dating advice book that enables you to communicate with women. This dating guide is loaded with 300 pages of “how to” tips on understanding and communicating with women. Learn the skills that help you attract women on deeper and connecting level.


Source by Macy Wilson

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