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Would you rather get advice for your dating problems from a man or woman who knows all about women and their secrets? I would imagine that depending on your current dating experience, you would take advice from both a man and a woman. There is a difference in the dating advice you will get from other men as opposed to women.

There are so many dating guides mostly written for men by men but now you can get a new point of view from a female insight with Tiffany Taylor and her Book Guy Gets Girl. From a lot of recommendations that I have read about this book, you are not going to have to make major changes about yourself but she will help you identify and maximize the best qualities of your personality to attract women and get dates that you will brag about to your friends.

What makes this woman author different from other dating experts? Well she is a model and a former Playboy playmate, and she has the inside secrets of women minds and how they think. Not only can she reveal to you the art of seduction and keeping a relationship, this informative advice is a comprehensive book of tips and dating systems that can help you regain and boost your confidence and you will get the courage to ask any beautiful woman out easily and comfortably. It is broken down into the different stages of the dating process from the novice dating style to more advanced techniques that gives guys the edge when it comes to perfecting their dating style and getting any woman they desire.

It is a shocking piece of writing to me that explains to you everything from one night stands to sustain a long-term relationship. Even if you are already in a relationship, it will certainly put a new spark in your mate and ultimately better and more enjoyable relationship. What guys look for in a girl is not so different from what women are looking for in a guy. The big difference is how men and women go about doing things differently. The ideal dating guide will bridge the gap and get both you and your date on the same page so that both parties get what they want and expect from a perfect date and I found that this book does just that for me.

You will learn how to create the perfect chemistry, how to pick up women, where the best places to go on a first date, how to impress women and some secret tips on the art of seduction, and the advantage of using and reading body language. If you are looking for more advice in the dating department and want more romance in your life, the Guy Gets Girls book is highly recommended on my list of dating advice that you cannot miss out on.


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